Fabrizio Mazzone

fabri2 Partner and head of the real estate division

Fabrizio is an Italian entrepreneur and the brother of Massimo. He is married with two adult sons.

Fabrizio attended the University in Milan while completing his obligatory military service. After graduating in 1991 in IT engineering, he co-founded BGM Service, a company involved in fashion designed knitwear. BGM had a few machines and some very specialized human resources in Italy to work out prototypes and new models with the designers of the italian fashion houses (Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Iceberg…), while mass production was outsourced to a sister company in Tunisia. Fabrizio sold his 50% of the company in 2007.

Meanwhile, Fabrizio started to be involved in construction since 1995, developing residential properties in closed communities.

In 2009, with the economic crisis spreading to Europe, Fabrizio decided to seek greener pastures and joined his brother in Central America.  Having seen the opportunities typical of poor countries with strong demographic growth, they decided to invest in construction, a division which Fabrizio now leads.