The Company

Centroamerican Consulting and Capital (3C) is a conglomerate of ventures ranging from start-ups to fairly large and mature companies. The most important assets are in pharmaceutical retail and wholesaling, in which our companies represent the largest pharmacy chain in the region. We also operate in agriculture, real estate, optics retail, private education and energy generation.

3C was founded in 2001 as a management consulting company for the Honduran market. Consultants’ free-time was to be used to study industries in the centroamerican region. The idea was to bring to the region successful business models already operating in economies with a GDP per capita of $5-10K per year (Honduras’ is $2K), launching a new venture every year or so. Initial funding for the start-ups came from the saving of the founder, while the growth was supposed to be financed with flows from consulting and from selling the ventures once they had reached a meaningful mass.

However, we learned almost immediately that it’s more satisfying and way more profitable to be an enterpreneur, rather than a consultant. Besides, our initial investments were reaching break-even and becoming cash-positive very fast, usually in a few months. We therefore dropped the consulting business altogether and started to grow the existing companies well beyond the start-up phase, while funding new ventures with the excess cash created by the existing business.

Consolidated sales are 400M$ and we employ about 2,000 people across Central America and the Caribbeans. The equity of the company is owned by the leadership team, without outside financial investors. This gives us a lot of freedom and a very fast decision process, but on occasions it makes us to miss opportunities for lack of capital.